Friday, March 17, 2017

Koyelia Gaan Thama -- Begum Akhtar

Begum Akhtar as we know today was a shining star of our Hindustani Classical Indian Music. While Thinking about her life i feel it was a path full of thorns on which she had to walk all through her life.
Born in a family of singer she was destined to become a singer.
In some LP records of past years it was written as Akhtari Bai Faizabadi.
That indicates she hailed from Faizabad. This town is famous for many gems of Indian Classical music often known as Hindustani music. Most famous SuperStar of her times


Begum Sahiba as she can be addressed,
sang many songs in Bengali too. Imagine how difficult it might have been. She hailed from Faizabad in UP and in that area mostly the poorvi boli i mean eastern Uttar Pradesh has little bit different dialect from the Central Uttar Pradesh. She learned as a child in Faizabad, must have visited Varanasi, Lucknow also, but in those times Calcutta was a big cultural hub. Most of famous Tawaif of those times often dream of going to Calcutta to perform there. thinking that if they get recognition in Calcutta then their dreams will come true. Adding that She means Begum Akhtar also went to Calcutta, not only went but sang in Bengali too? What type of training she might of got and from whom? Who taught her to sing in Bengali? Means that time the standard of teaching learning was of high standard. In modern India people start fighting over language? Bengali will say bad about Hindi. Tamil area rise against Hindi? similarly now Punjabi and Karnataka areas have also started opposing Hindi? Begum Akhtar sang in Hindi, Urdu, Awadhi, Bengali also. But She has some PATIALA gharana connection too? if i am not wrong?


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DADRA by Begum Akhtar: it is sung in the awadhi dialect, that we speak or listen in and around Lucknow, Kanpur, Sitapur, Unnao, Hardoi area. The lyrics are symbolic and indirectly tease the listener or the patron. Subtle nuances or erotic emotions are created through the suggestive lyrics and also through the voice modulation. Emotion through voice - it is hard to learn these, but in the their learning classes and through daily life experiences those dancing girls of bygone era learned all that ABHINAYA? Vachik Abhinaya as it is called. As in theatre the actor on stage delivers the dialogue but with the emotions, that's called the Vachik Abhinaya.


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